Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the Don Bosco - One TVET Philippines website!

The Don Bosco - One TVET Philippines is a network of 18 TVET centers spread across the country whose principal task is to continue and strengthen the mission of St. John Bosco to the underprivileged youth.

Fr. John Bosco saw the need to educate and evangelize the poor young people of Italy. His method and style is not typical of his generation. He saw the young full of promises and potentials. He believed in the capabilities of the young despite their indifference, aggressiveness or lack of resolve. He is convinced that the school has to create a family and formative environment, where everyone feels at home, a person is nourished spiritually, a place where one learns and nurtures friendship with everyone.

It is in this context, where education and skills training happen in a Don Bosco institution. The poor and out of school youth are the centerpiece in a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

Regrettably, the underprivileged youth particularly in the Philippines continue to be marginalized because of the limited access to education, training, and employment opportunities. They lack the needed skills to enter the workforce. There is a clear mismatch of skills learned in the school from skills demanded by industry. To top it all, values education and good work ethic remains a challenge for skilled workers.

Don Bosco - One TVET Philippines endeavors to cater to the skills training and holistic development of these poor youth by providing quality technical education, forming them to be good Christians and upright citizens, so that they are highly qualified, globally competitive, and gainfully employed. Thus, the various TVET centers contribute in the total well-being of the young and uplifting the lives of poor Filipinos.

Don Bosco's ministry for the poor and marginalized youth has many faces and expressions in more than 150 years of the Salesian congregation. The Technical Vocational Education and Training, commonly known as "TVET," is but one facet of the many great works founded by St. John Bosco.

Needless to say, I truly encourage every individual to give due recognition and support to the various works and initiatives of the Salesian congregation by advocating TVET as a viable and great alternative for the Filipino youth.

Fr. Dindo S. Vitug, SDB

Executive Director
Don Bosco - One TVET Philippines